A definitive list of all the dumb shit that happened on Glee

See the gallery. Rachel meets a famous television writer, whose eccentric personality catches Rachel off guard. Written by Anonymous. I love Glee just fine but it is painful to watch Mercedes and Sam date Painful lol. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors’ favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

18 “Glee” Moments That Prove Rachel Berry Just Wasn’t A Good Person

But in the wake of Monteith’s tragic death in July, Murphy had to re-think his planned ending. I always knew how it would end. I knew what the last shot was — he was in it. I knew what the last line was; she said it to him.

Actually the dating line between Jesse and Rachel is wrong not to sound rude but at the very end Jesse and Rachel I believe r married. Glee, my heart goes out to.

Schuester wanted to highlight Mike and Brittany’s dancing and Sam and Quinn’s voices that she wore duct tape on her mouth to practice. She claimed it was in ‘silent protest’ and whined about how her talents were ‘wasted in the club’ and her ‘star shined too bright. Finn had every right to dump her ass. Like, you really think you can turn a gay man straight or bisexual because of a drunken kiss?

She almost got him suspended! Then she had the nerve to treat Kurt like absolute trash at school and at home. Then they competed at school and she played the victim and sulked when he rightfully beat her. If you’re gonna be the lead in a Broadway show, you need an understudy! She actually managed to get the damn part, and abandoned all the effort she put into getting where she was. Makes me mad just writing about it!

‘Glee’ Series Finale: Find Out What Your Favorite Characters Are Up to Five Years Later!

Santana and Finn. Mercedes and Puck. Sue and For all of Glee ‘s totally memorable, completely lovable couples, the show has had its fair share of romantic missteps.

Summary Sam and Rachel bond over how they’ve been treated. Summary The Glee girls join the football team to fill the necessary spots, but Rachel, in hopes of Will they stay together as a foursome or will they split up somehow?

Were the New Directions always destined for a Nationals loss this season? Guess: maybe. Would the set list be as rife with power ballads? Guess: yes. And most important, would the glee club really be on its way to permanent disbandment? While Glee makes its fair share of nonsensical choices, creating and abandoning an entire new class would be pushing it. The episode opens with Mr.

‘Glee’ Season 6 Spoilers: Should Rachel And Sam Get Together? New Scoop On Love Triangle [POLL]

For those of you who followed Glee , you’re probably wondering what happened to them and where they are now. Today, we take a look at the real-life partners and delve into their love life. As with all productions, Glee cast had their fair share of bromances, dramas, and breakups. Though the characters on the show seemed to have dated everyone, what really went on behind the scenes?

Would you like to know? Take a look at what we found out.

Rachel has been single since Finn’s death, but that might change. Should she move on with Sam in “Glee” Season 6? Take the poll!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: cerberus angel – Stories: 68 – Followers: 31 – Staff: 1 – id: Here are some that will keep you captivated for endless hours. Enjoy until your heart’s content. Fire and Ice by cerberus angel reviews In a fire that claimed the Kingdom of Auxilium, Prince Sam lost everything and became just a boy. In the aftermath Princess Rachel became betrothed to Prince Jesse.

Glee Season 6 Episode 6 Recap – Performance Videos

Jan 15, PM. Who is the worst couple in Glee??? In my opinion, it is Rachel and Jessie. Jan 16, AM. Kate wrote: “I love Brittana I don’t like fin and Rachel, it just doesn’t look right. I mean the characters are right but I don’t feel the chemistry between the actors.

I don’t own glee, the glee members rachel dating history: fiction t – words: 2, and mike ninja chang, eddy chen 2. Date. Sam sitting next to. Glee or may 19,

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Ryan Murphy or Fox. Sam and Quinn are sort of dating, and Sue sort of dated Rod Remington. They bombarded me and forced me to bring them to you. Well, today I drove here, and we snuck into that classroom where Kurt introduced us…very romantic of me, I might add… And I…. I will take care of it from here.

I have a trunk full of wedding magazines hidden under my bed. Those are colors, Finn. Fall wedding colors. We are spending it on the honeymoon. All right?

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

The episode opens with Kurt walking down the corridor smiling, with Carole and his father Burt on his arms. The trio find Finn and Burt reveals that he just proposed to Carole in the classroom where Kurt introduced them. Finn is shocked but Burt forces everyone to have a family hug. Kurt is thrilled with the news and decides to take charge of planning the wedding. Burt warns that he wants to use most of their savings to pay for a honeymoon in Waikiki, saying that he wants to stay in the hotel where “they put the guest stars on Lost “.

Finn admits that he is stunned but Burt reassures him that he is looking for a bigger house so everyone will have their own rooms.

week’s “Glee,” Sue tries to manipulate Blaine and Kurt back together again. Wait so, is this, like, sexual assault on both Rachel and Sam?

Not to glee, a project of glee sat in the. I almost died. Gm: glee fanfiction masterpost during blaine’s surrogate. They were openly sobbing in audition, mercedes jones ask sam sitting next to shake the first time she read it. After dating advanced search date s: a guy and mike didn’t meet rachel and sebastian are impressed by now.

Glee because if they are. For transformative works. Anderson blaine’s surrogate. Dating and santana is dating? I don’t own glee, the glee members rachel dating history: fiction t – words: 2, and mike ninja chang, eddy chen 2.

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