Guide to Assist in the Identification of Antique Spectacles

Discussion in ‘ Metalware ‘ started by billyd3us , Jun 19, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. Antique eyeglasses hallmark Discussion in ‘ Metalware ‘ started by billyd3us , Jun 19, I have these old eyeglasses I used to wear, but want to know the maker or hallamrk, anyone know this mark? Thank You. Joshua Brown likes this. I haven’t any help in IDing the maker of these glasses. Following are links to a site with info on dating, etc

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In a social content, spectacles were a label of keen intellect which began at the time of 15th century blue-blooded nobility. Many 18th century gentlemen purchased and wore spectacles who could not read, and vainly created a false badge of rank. This connection of brain-power with spectacles continues to this day. Spectacles are found in endless variety which will overwhelm a beginning collector who is not focused on a specific collecting area.

Spectacles add a fitting period detail accessory for antiques or Revolutionary and Civil War collectors. A small collection which illustrates an evolution of eye glasses makes a fascinating display for the ophthalmic professional.

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Throughout the centuries, scientists, inventors and designers have looked for ways to help improve vision through the use of corrective eyewear. Studying the history of eyewear gives evidence of the use of convex lenses dating all the way from AD. While we know that the first eyeglasses were made in Italy around , it is still not known who the first inventor was. During the 15th and 16th centuries, eyeglasses were normally hand-held. Just before the Revolutionary War, he began selling walking sticks and riding whips.

Then in , he decided that spectacles might be a good addition and established the first optical shop in America in Philadelphia. As the 20th century opened, eyeglasses came to be considered a fashion accessory. Because of this, various styles have come in and out of popularity. Pince-nez have no temples, but are fit snugly on the bridge of the nose. In , Sir William Crookes of England created a lens capable of absorbing both ultraviolet and infrared light.

Further advances in sunglass eyewear were created in order to meet the need of military personnel during World War ll. As a result, manufacturers began to market sunglasses to consumers that were both practical and fashionable.

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The phenomenon of magnification that causes objects to appear lar- ger than their actual size was known during antiquity. Neither the date of the discovery nor​.

Only in the eighteenth century did spectacles as we would understand them start to appear. Demand may have been fuelled to some extent by the availability of cheap daily newspapers. A print in the museum collection, Characters who frequented Button’s Coffee House about the year , illustrates the social background very well. It is an engraving by William Hogarth depicting Martin Folkes with nose spectacles held in the hand and Joseph Addison.

A parliamentary news sheet headed ‘Votes of the Commons’ lies on the table. The snuff box and the tobacco pipe indicate two other types of gentleman’s accessory, the development of which to some extent parallel that of spectacles.

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Historically most people didn’t wear eyeglasses or spectacles. Any spectacles that have the wrap around the ear or riding bow style, date after to present.

Antique eyeglass frames were made in a wide variety of styles and materials, ranging from the wire-rimmed, wrap-around type worn in the 19th century to the exotic “cat’s eye” shapes of the s. Identifying the frame style can provide valuable clues about when the glasses were made. Likewise, determining the material can help pinpoint the decade of manufacture. Reference books are a great help in researching these factors, particularly since many antique frames are unmarked.

Vintage styles are now being reproduced, so it’s important for serious collectors to be able to correctly identify original antique frames. Seek out reference books and online resources that provide photos of popular eyeglass frame styles from the past. Familiarize yourself with styles and materials, as well as eyeglass frame manufacturers and marks. Gently clean the frames by rubbing them with a soft, dry polishing cloth.

This will often reveal markings which have been obscured by years of dirt. Using a flashlight and magnifying glass, look carefully for any markings, which are typically located on the inside of the temple pieces, but may be found anywhere on the inside of the frame. If the frames are unmarked or if the marks are faded, the eyeglasses can be dated by determining the style and material.

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